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Using Cannabis Products

If you’re new to the cannabis products chances are you are surprised  by the variety of methods to consume them. Health concerns are normal when entering into the maze of information and opinions regarding this subject. Here are a few things to consider:

Smoking: This should be familiar to most as it has been the focus of myths and uncomfortable facts over the years. For those who already smoke this is a no brainer and in all likelihood you smoke because you like it.

         The feel of the smoking flower by all accounts it is different than if you consume by edibles or topicals as an example. (I will touch on that later). With these products you can get quite a dense buzz effect or a relaxing chill, on the couch or “Inda-couch”  depending upon the blend of strains,THC/CBD combinations. (I’ll cover more about the chemistry in a later blog)   Generally head buzz or body buzz are effects of strains and potency of a particular plant.  Be advised that the dangers of smoking are well known so guide yourself accordingly.

Vaping: is relatively new on the scene. Some choose this as an alternative to smoking for either health or stealth considerations. The vaped product does not carry the odour of pot and in some environments may be the method of choice, a quick and handy method of getting the effect without the usual routine of rolling and finding a place to smoke.

There are numerous vaping products out there from pens and hand held to the King of vapes, “The Volcano” which is pricey but works effectively on a variety of flower, hash, and concentrates. So for a vaping options the cost is from about $12.00 to $600+ depending on the product so it fits every budget and method of consumption.

Edibles: People have been using cannabis in baking for decades, (Brownies come to mind lol) but the usage of cannabis in cooking has exploded over recent years. Product variety now includes, Cookies, Brownies, Chocolate, Gummies and drinks of all flavours. Oils such as THC/CBD blends are now used in the preparation of a meal to give you a whole new dining experience.

Edibles that are sold at legal outlets are limited to 10mg of active THC per item. ie: a package of gummies has a total of 10mg. Bear in mind depending on one’s experience with use of THC/CBD it will effect each individual according to their tolerance but it is not considered a high dosage for some but for others it may be plenty. Start with 2.5mg dosage before moving on up so to speak.

Topicals: These products are relatively new to western markets, considering the history of cannabis products. The general purpose seems to revolve around relaxation and soothing effects. They come in a few formats, Creams, Oils, Balms.

Having used some of these products they do provide some minor pain relief to joints as an analgesic (pain killer) but in my experience more serious pain will require a blend of THC/CBD or pharmaceuticals. Keep in mind cannabis use for pain should not be used without consult from your Doctor or healthcare provider. You should be sure what you are trying to treat. As an analgesic it is a well known method to reduce pain but do not hide symptoms without knowing what the cause is…just a good idea.

Concentrates: There are a variety of concentrates to choose from which include Resins, Wax, Butter, Pot oil extracts, Crumble, Crystalline, Distillate and Dry sift to name a few. One odd ball type is called “Caviar aka: Moon Rocks” which is a bud dipped/sprayed with hash oil and rolled in Keif (screened THC crystals)…wow! Hash is also a common concentrate well known for centuries in the middle east and beyond. If you are looking for the whole list I would recommend Wikipedia.

This is a kind of Digest version of what is available however this should give you an outline of what is out there in the local markets in Canada. Product variety will vary for each outlet but don’t worry there will be something that works for you. Just ask.

As always, send your questions to [email protected]

From Grampa Green and Maddie Flowers, have a Green day!

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